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3 Factors that affect the Fabric of the Curtain

3 Factors that affect the Fabric of the Curtain

By on Dec 27, 2017 in Home Improvement |

Before you decide on the curtains for your premises, you need to consider the fabric to use and a tailor to sew them. The two decisions are determined by your personal preference and your budget. Choosing the fabric is one of the most important tasks but with a good curtain maker, they will help you choose the best fabric. For you to choose the right fabric, consider the room’s d├ęcor, function of the window and the curtain’s style. Light, UV light, fabric width, and cold all determine the function of the curtain.

The Harsh Side of UV Rays

UV rays can be harsh on curtains in Bovey Tracey especially if the window faces the sunlight directly. To be safe, consider the colourfastness of the curtain material. If the curtain fabric is UV resistant, you do not have to worry about the curtain material fading. Some fabrics are not UV resistant, but you can install a curtain lining which protects the curtains from the direct rays since they are a bit opaque.

Do you want Light In or out?

You need to ask yourself if you need a lot of light in the room or you need to minimize it. If you want to minimize the light, you need to choose a heavy fabric that will not allow light to pass through. Light materials with a blackout fabric can also be used if you prefer a light material or your curtain. Materials with metallic elements are good if you want to allow a lot of light in the room. They bounce back the light in the room thus creating a well-lit room.

It’s all about matching

The patterns on the fabric determine the fabric size that you need. Consider how well the curtain will match with the rest of the features in the room for a completely beautiful room. Visit site for more information.

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