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If you are thinking of demolishing a building or are conscious of fulfilling your legal obligations, it will be necessary for you to get in contact with companies in Leeds that specialise in asbestos removal. Asbestos has been declared a hazardous substance and imposes very severe health risks. As a result, should you find that this mineral is in your building, this is not a DIY job that you can conduct over a weekend. Instead, you need to partner with a company that is highly trained and experienced and knows not only how best to extract the asbestos but also how to dispose of it in a way that will satisfy the authorities and Health Services.

Contracting for asbestos removal in Leeds

It is likely that most companies you contact will be fully qualified and licenced to carry out the removals, but you should still check before partnering with a business. Having already had a survey done, the worker will know exactly where to locate the asbestos containing materials in the building and can put together a plan to remove these. First off, it is necessary to notify the authorities and to give them at least 14 days’ notice before the actual removal begins. This is all part of ensuring that you are legally compliant.

Depending on the size of your job, you should check whether the asbestos removal company you contract with can cope with a bigger project. For example, while the process remains the same, the set-up and planning for asbestos removal in a factory, warehouse or school would require proper organization and equipment on a larger scale than for a private home. You can click here to get more information.

The process of asbestos removal

Safety procedures are a big part of the removal process and you might be surprized to find workers arriving in space suits with goggles and masks. This will give you an indication of how seriously asbestos needs to be treated. The company needs to ensure that there are no adverse effects for the client or for the public when the removal is underway. The area around the building is likely to be enclosed to prevent asbestos fibres from spreading and an airlock and baglock system may need to be on site. In some cases there will be a smoke test before the removal begins – this is to ensure that the removal company has totally sealed every part of the building and that no harmful parts of the asbestos will contaminate the outside air. In addition, you may find that a decontamination unit is set up similar to those used in nuclear facilities and workers will shower and cleanse themselves of any fibres before leaving the site.

Asbestos is a deadly substance and needs to be removed from the building you may live or work in. ACS Health, Safety & Environment, a company fully trained and experienced in asbestos removal in Leeds, has an excellent reputation in the industry.

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