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Asbestos Testing Service – An Important Part of Managing Your Asbestos Problem in London

Asbestos Testing Service – An Important Part of Managing Your Asbestos Problem in London

By on Nov 18, 2015 in Business |

Managing your asbestos is often a complicated process that involves complying with numerous safety and health regulations. Nevertheless, there are a few ways to simplify the overall management of your or your company’s asbestos. Proper management of asbestos can include everything from assistance with the removal of asbestos to any other standard asbestos testing service. At Blue A LTD, we can help make managing your asbestos easier in London, especially when it comes to asbestos sampling and asbestos testing services.

Better Understanding Asbestos Management
There are literally dozen of questions that you need to know the answers to when determining whether or not your asbestos is up to code or in line with government regulations. The first issue to address is responsibility—who’s responsibility is it to maintain and repair the asbestos on the premise? Or in other words, is it even your or your company’s responsibility to manage the asbestos on the premises. If you are responsible for asbestos repair and maintenance, then generally this duty is only applicable to all non-domestic premises and common areas of domestic premises.

Upon determining who’s responsible and what areas need to be maintained or repaired, the next step is to find out when the structure in London was built (this is important as any buildings constructed after 2000 tend not to have any asbestos); in general you should your building inspect no matter when it was constructed. Specifically, asbestos-testing service can help determine what kind of asbestos is present and exactly what procedures you must follow to properly manage your asbestos without any penalties.

Asbestos Testing Service
Essentially before you are permitted to do any construct legally or safely, you must contact an independent expert. Asbestos testing service experts, like ours at Blue A LTD, can help find out if there is in fact any asbestos present and exactly what type of asbestos is present if any. Lastly, there are different types of surveys or asbestos testing services to choose from depending on the nature of your construction project – asbestos management or refurbishment/demolition surveys. Ultimately, it never hurts to speak with an asbestos expert to know what you’re dealing with before any major construction.

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