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Avoid headaches by choosing a professional company for your overseas move

Avoid headaches by choosing a professional company for your overseas move

By on Jul 25, 2016 in Removal Services |

When you are moving home internationally, you are, in effect, importing your household goods into another country. As a result, you need to work with a company that specialises in overseas removals in Devon so that you can receive expert information that could save you a lot of worry. One thing that is uppermost on many people’s minds is how to move their pets. While a removals company won’t be transporting livestock, they’re bound to know the regulations of each country and can advise you accordingly! Companies that have experience in international removals either have their own branches overseas or have built up a network of trustworthy partners. They will also have a depth of knowledge of what is permissible to pack, what restrictions there are on imports, and generally will provide you with information that will make the whole experience run smoothly.

What needs to be considered with an overseas move?

The first issue is the type of clearances you need when entering a new country. For example, if you wish to take your car or other vehicle with you as part of your shipment, there are strict regulations in many countries. If you discuss this with a removals company, they will be able to provide you with the rules, and any taxes that might need to be paid. As a result, you may decide that it would be more cost effective to sell your car and buy another when you arrive.

Insurances are important with any move, but particularly with an international move – more so when your goods are being transported by ship. Sometimes, even a good removal company will find that a ship was subjected to rough weather and there is water damage, which was beyond their control. What you don’t want to be involved in is deciding who is liable and whose insurance will cover the damage. This is when working through a reputable company will save you headaches, as they will be responsible for the door-to-door move.

Visit the company’s offices

When you’re entering into an important partnership, take time to get to know the people to whom you’re entrusting your possessions. The actual offices will give you a feel of the company you’re dealing with. If the vehicles are shiny and liveried, and if the estimators and other staff are smartly dressed and display expert knowledge, the chance are that you’ve partnered with a professional company.

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