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Benefits of electric garage doors

Benefits of electric garage doors

By on Dec 29, 2016 in Garage Doors |

Electric doors are also known as automatic doors. Some years ago, the cost of buying an electric garage door was so expensive that some people considered automatic doors a luxury. This is not the case today thanks to improvements in manufacturing process and technological innovations. Electric doors have many advantages and that is why many people desire to install them. Some of the advantages include;

* Saves time – You only need to press a button to open or close the door. There is no need of leaving your car to open or close the electric garage door in Bridgend.

* Safety – Modern electric doors have sensors that sense obstacles on the way of the door. This means that if a child or pet is standing on the way of the garage door, it cannot get trapped as the door will sense and will not continue closing.

* Security – Did you know that modern electric garage doors in Bridgend have more than a billion codes used to open the door? The codes change every time you open the door. Older models did not have this security capability and that is why it was easy to hack the doors.

* Good in all weather conditions – During rainy or snowy weather conditions, you can conveniently open the garage door without leaving your vehicle and close it after parking in the garage. You do not have to get wet while opening or closing the garage door.

* Easy to upgrade – For people who want to install electric garage doors, they do not have to purchase another door if their current door is in good condition. You only need to install an automated opening system if your door is in good condition.

Do you want to give your garage a new look by fitting an electric garage door? Talk to our experts at Access Garage Doors today.

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