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Can Flight Schools Build on My Experience?

Can Flight Schools Build on My Experience?

By on Aug 9, 2016 in Flight School |

If you are someone with flying experience in the Bristol area, you may be wondering what your next steps are. You may have gotten one kind of license, but want to increase your skill or capabilities. Since the criteria for certification are universal, you do not have to accomplish all of your certifications at the same school. So, if you are looking to grow, you may be able to find enhancing programs at a local flight school.

Night Qualification

If you already have a PPL or LAPL certification, a night qualification could be the next step for you. Night flying is very different from daytime flying, and so requires this separate qualification. If you’re looking to enhance your skills and open up opportunities for a whole new range of adventure, a night qualification could be just what you are looking for. The certification only actually requires five hours of airtime, which can be worked into your schedule.

Other Add On Certifications

There are also other programs you can enrol in that allow you to fly different types of planes or perform different manoeuvres with them. There is almost always some way to expand your flying repertoire, especially if you speak directly to a school about your desires.

Passenger and Navigation Certifications

If you are a long time passenger who wants to know more, there are courses available for you too. Flying experience is not limited to being in control of the plain; you can learn to be an active passenger, and to be competent in the case of a crash. This skill can be a comfort if you are frequently flying with a loved one piloting, or a similar situation, and want to know how to land safely if things go wrong.

If you have flying experience in Bristol, don’t let it go to waste. Keep your skills sharp by learning new ones, and becoming an increasingly better pilot.

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