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There are many ailments that can cause severe pain and discomfort, but one of the most severe is back pain. Current statistics indicate that nearly half of working Americans suffer from pain located in both the lower and upper back. If you find yourself having difficulty moving or if you’re suffering from constant pain, there are a number of remedies that you can implement to relieve the pain and enjoy a normal lifestyle.


Sometimes, your back pain can be caused by tension that has built up within your back muscles. The surest way to release this tension is to undergo massage therapy. This back pain treatment option does not need to be extensive. By simply getting a massage at least once a month, you can relieve the buildup of tension and improve your range of motion drastically.

Adopt an Active Lifestyle

Another method to help relieve significant pain in your lower and upper back is to adopt an active lifestyle. A sedentary lifestyle causes the back to stiffen and the muscles to accumulate tension and as a result, back pain can be much more pronounced. To prevent these issues from arising, it is best to workout at least twice a week. The weekly workouts should include stretching, which will help improve your flexibility and reduce stiffness.

Change Your Posture

While it may seem irrelevant, your posture does have an effect upon your back. Those with good posture are much less likely to suffer from back pain. The reason behind this is that poor posture puts tension and pressure on areas of your back. By sitting or standing straight, you can prevent the tension and pressure from building up, thereby ensuring that back pain does not occur.

Hot and Cold Packets

Hot and cold packets work wonders after a long day at work. If you’re going to use hot and cold packets to relieve back pain, you should apply the cold packet first for about 48 hours and then switch to heat packs. The change in temperature and the sensation will sooth the soreness and lessen any pain you are experiencing.

Physical Therapy

If your back pain is really bad and none of the above remedies seem to fully remedy the pain, then you might want to try physical therapy as a back pain treatment. A physical therapist is able to gauge the source of the pain and work with you to resolve it.

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