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Consult a professional if you’re replacing your soffits and fascias

Consult a professional if you’re replacing your soffits and fascias

By on Dec 2, 2015 in Home & Garden |

A home is probably the greatest investment that any individual will make. Keeping it in ship-shape condition requires a lot of maintenance as the effects of years of sunshine and bad weather are always working against the exterior finishes of your property. The most important thing to bear in mind is that repairing something timeously often reduces costs and preserves the value of your home. Many people go to great lengths to fix-up their homes just prior to putting them on the market, which is a good idea in order to achieve a higher asking price. However, it always seems strange that these upgrades weren’t done at a time when the homeowner could also reap the benefits of living in a well maintained home.

One of the factors that makes a home look neglected and dilapidated is allowing soffits and fascia problems to go untended. Leaving the situation to deteriorate can lead to leaks that stain walls, and a general devaluation of your property. If you replace wooden soffits and fascias with uPVC, this will be a permanent solution and something to be forever crossed off your to-do list.

The process of replacing your fascias and soffits in Wrexham

In the first instance, it is necessary to completely remove your old timber fascias, soffits, and roofline and barge boards. Guttering will also need to be removed. If a contractor suggests that you over-clad existing boards, keep looking for a more reliable partner! It is far easier and cheaper to cap over existing boards, but this almost always leads to a disaster. Over time, timber will always rot if it’s exposed to moisture. In a place like Wrexham that receives an average of 10 -12 days of rain every month of the year, you will be penny wise, pound foolish not to have the job done properly. As a matter of interest, the contractor who over-clads will usually guarantee his workmanship, but this won’t extend to the sub-structure – so even if you can no longer see the rot, the problem will keep getting worse and the subsequent costly repairs are likely to be more expensive than doing the job properly in the first instance. You can click here to get more information.

Other advice given by professionals is not to try to re-install existing guttering when you have had your soffits and fascias replaced. The guttering is very inexpensive in relation to the uPVC boards, and new guttering is often recommended. It is suggested that it is replaced at the same time while the workmen are on site. Failing this, there is the chance of needing to have it replaced a few years down the line when it perishes and starts to leak.

It is always recommended that you use a professional company for this work. It’s important to bear in mind that a company close to Wrexham will probably give a lower quote as labour in the north is not as expensive as in the south. Ask for references from previous clients as well if you want to check up on the quality of work provided.

Morton and Jones have been expertly replacing fascias and soffits in the Wrexham area for many years. They would be happy to provide you with a free inspection and quotation.

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