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People with missing teeth need not worry about their smile looking unsightly any longer, because with dental implants in Wilmslow, they can get a Hollywood smile! These replacement tooth roots can be fitted permanently, or the dentist can provide the wearer with removable tooth roots, depending on their circumstances and preferences. Made to perfectly match the individual’s teeth, they are proven to enhance oral health, improve comfort and boost self-esteem. Prior to arranging a consultation, learn the facts to determine if these services are right for you.

How Implants Could Benefit You

Do you try to hide your smile when posing for family photographs or laughing with friends? If so, dental implants in Wilmslow could be a worthwhile investment, because they improve appearance drastically. Nearby teeth do not need to be altered for the implant to be supported, which means you can benefit from good long-term oral health. Durable and long-lasting, they are a convenient alternative to dentures, which can prove embarrassing due to the mess they leave after being removed. Implants feel, function and fit just like normal teeth, so it won’t take long to get used to them.

What is the Success Rate?

The success rate for the fixture of dental implants in Wilmslow is between 93 and 98 percent. This makes it one of the best forms of dentistry available today. When a crown has been restored with an implant, cavities cannot occur. There are numerous other benefits associated with implants, such as the fact that they protect healthy bone, allow you to retain your natural face shape, and fuse naturally with your jawbone. What’s more, you can still enjoy your favourite foods once you get them fitted!

Who Can Get Implants?

The best way to determine whether implants are suitable for you is to visit your dentist. He or she will be able to examine your mouth for cavities, gum disease and other problems that might prevent you from getting them fitted. Don’t worry if you find out that you are not a good candidate for this dental procedure, because there are numerous alternatives, such as bridges and removable dentures, which hold false teeth in place with metal or plastic frameworks.

As one of the first practices in the North West to offer implants in Wilmslow, you can rely on Westgate Dental Practice  for all of your dental needs.

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