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Double-Glazing will help your budget and the environment

Double-Glazing will help your budget and the environment

By on Mar 10, 2016 in Glazing |

Glass is becoming one of the most sought after materials when it comes to offices and homes. There was a time when glass was used sparingly, as it’s a particularly good conductor of heat. This is not a good thing when you live in a place where there are extremes of climate – either very warm summers, or exceptionally cold winters. As a result, windows were kept fairly small in years gone by. They were used only to let in light and air, but were disliked because they didn’t help keep a home cool or cosy. These days, with double glazing, and even triple glazing, glass is used increasingly not only for larger windows, but sometimes for whole walls of glass. Consider how many office buildings have facades made entirely of glass and how many homes have glass conservatories attached to them. Glass is loved as a way to bring the outside inside and is now actually assisting with climate control in a home. The secret is to ensure that there is proper insulation of the windows.

Why double glazing is so effective

In the past, glass wasn’t particularly well manufactured, and there were so many imperfections in a pane of glass that the view appeared wavy, as though looking at a Van Gogh painting. For many years now, glaziers have been able to produce clear planes of glass, but these single panes were still responsible for the loss of energy in homes and buildings. In fact, research shows that single paned windows are responsible for up to 40% of heat being lost from a home during winter. Everyone is aware that energy costs are likely to keep increasing, so being able to cut back on heating bills is much to be desired.

Double glazing consists of having two panes of glass rather than one. If this were the only solution, it might be easier just to make thicker glass. However, the trick is that there is a layer of inert gas between the two panes, and this makes all the difference. This gas is a very poor conductor of heat. Thus, if a room is heated and it’s cold outside, the gas prevents the heat from escaping. Likewise, it can prevent the heat from outside entering a home in summer.

The double glazing is so effective that it has been proved that heating bills can be reduced by up to 50%. It stands to reason that double glazing is more expensive than a single pane of glass, but the savings you will achieve on energy will quickly mean that the difference in cost is covered. In addition, the climate in your home will be greatly improved. Visit here for more information.

Alternative uses for glass

Of course, windows are not the only use for glass for your Farnham home. As mentioned, many conservatories are made of glass, and increasingly glass is used for coffee tables and even in kitchens. Strengthened glass is particularly beautiful in both a bathroom and as a counter top in a kitchen. In fact, the uses for new glass products are literally endless.

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