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Double-Glazing will make your home or office pleasant year-round

Double-Glazing will make your home or office pleasant year-round

By on Mar 10, 2016 in Glazing |

These days it’s hard to have a conversation about the weather without mentioning global warming and the effects it’s having. There’s no doubt that the weather patterns are changing and are becoming increasingly unpredictable. For many people in Farnham, as well as in the entire UK, climate control used to mean staying warm in winter, but it’s now also a fact that summers can be uncomfortably hot. This has led to many Farnham homeowners to consider the importance of having double glazing for their glass doors or windows. Everyone loves having glass in their homes – the advantages are overwhelming. Glass lets in light and sunshine and makes you feel as though your home is part of the outdoors. However, if windows are single paned or are not properly installed, they are your greatest source of heat loss in winter and of hot air making your home uncomfortable in the summer months.

Double glazing can save you money on energy bills

If you are considering replacing your single pane windows or doors with double glazing, chances are that your first thoughts have been about the price difference. It’s true that double glazing is more expensive, but having a properly insulated home will produce such an energy saving, that the cost differential will quickly be mitigated. It has been proved that about 40% of a home’s energy is lost through single paned glass windows and doors, because glass is a very poor conductor of heat. Simply adding another pane of glass wouldn’t help that much, which is why the secret to successful double glazing is actually a layer of inert gas that is inserted between the two panes. This gas doesn’t conduct heat well and thus you have the solution of heat staying indoors during icy weather and the sun’s heat being kept out of your home during the hottest months of summer. You can visit here to get more information.

The benefits of double-glazing for your Farnham home

Draughts are often responsible for climate control problems. Double glazed windows need to be properly sealed so that the inert gas doesn’t escape. You would then need to ensure that the windows are properly installed and you will then have a truly weather-proofed home or office. The old problem of windows rattling in their frames during poor weather will be a thing of the past. Most important, of course, is to choose a supplier that is expert at manufacturing these windows as one problem with double glazing is when moisture gets in between the two layers of glass. This then interrupts your view and it can be impossible to remedy without removing the window. You may wish to ask for references before choosing a supplier to ensure that you’re working with a company that will offer excellent craftsmanship.

Allways Glazing Works Ltd have many years of experience in double glazing in Farnham. They have an established reputation of excellence in the Farnham area and can be contacted for a free consultation.

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