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Electric, Gas or Oil Aga? Aga Cookers for Every Situation

Electric, Gas or Oil Aga? Aga Cookers for Every Situation

By on Nov 5, 2014 in Home Improvement |

An Aga cooker is a special type of stove top and stove combination with a body made of a heavy cast-iron frame and cast-iron components. It releases heat gradually and evenly (called radiant cooking) with the intensity of the heat dependant on which compartment you choose to cook in. Many new and refurbished Aga cookers have about four ovens:

* Roasting
* Simmering
* Warming
* Baking

Most aga cookers also come with stove top heating elements, like a boiling plate and a simmering plate. The heat that circulates throughout the entire cooker comes from one heat source, which is powered by the model’s energy source: electricity, oil, or gas. This article discusses the different types of Aga cookers and the pros and cons of each type of energy source.

About Electric Aga Cookers
Electric Aga cookers are currently the most popular type of cooker on the market with more than ¾ of all sales in the UK, and some even have high tech features like Smartphone control. They also consume less energy than their traditional counterparts, and their cost-efficiency is their greatest advantage. These cookers are designed to store off-peak electricity overnight, thus keeping the heat stored inside the cooker. This allows you to save money during peak electricity hours when you are cooking during the day.

Features of Gas Aga Cookers
Gas cookers have a particular advantage over electric aga cookers: they have the option of being part of a dual-fuel range. The stove top portion of the cooker can have electric and propane or natural gas burners. This same fuel source can also be used as a heat source for the rest of the cooker. While these can be more costly than electric cookers, this is an ideal fit for those who still want the option to cook with a traditional fire.

Oil Aga Cookers 101
Although they may be the least cost-effective in the long run, Rayburn still offers oil-source models for people who want an Aga cooker at a more cost-effective starting price. They function in the same was an electric or gas cooker with the same radiant heating, and whether they are new or refurbished, an oil cooker is usually the least expensive model in the beginning.

Bring Home a Refurbished Aga Cooker of Any Type
Country Style Cookers offers refurbished electric, gas, and oil Aga cookers at the best price. Refurbished cookers are just as efficient and functional, and they are much easier on the wallet — just in time for the holidays. Explore your options today.


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