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Electric Wheel Chairs Offer More Freedom

Electric Wheel Chairs Offer More Freedom

By on Aug 19, 2016 in Wheelchair Repair Service |

Manual wheel chairs work great for a number of people, but for those with limited core or arm strength, electric wheel chairs are a better choice. A wet cell or gel cell battery is used to power an electric wheel chair. The joystick is used as the steering device which controls your direction and speed. Electric wheel chairs are heavier than a manual wheel chair, but they do allow greater freedom and mobility for some wheel chair users. An electric wheel chair provides freedom for the user both outside and inside a home. Smaller homes are often the most difficult to navigate, but with a motorized chair, it is much simpler to manoeuvre around furniture and to safely pass though doorways. Electric wheel chairs enable people to live on their own without the assistance of a caregiver or family member. If you are looking for an electric wheel chair make sure you choose a trusted supplier. There is a reputable supplier that provides a wide range of electrical wheel chairs in Bridgwater.

Electric Wheel Chairs – How Modern Technology Delivers More Power, Speed and Increases Mobility

Currently, with how modern technology is improving, this benefits those people that are in need of electric wheel chairs. Electric wheel chairs now have more power, speed and increases mobility. Choosing a reputable supplier to purchase an electric wheel chair, gives you peace of mind in knowing you made the right decision. Specialists take the time in getting to you and make sure you select the correct electrical wheel chair that will best fit within your needs. They are there to aid and enable your daily living, and believe in forming a relationship with you continuing into the near future, it is why they also have an occupational therapist on hand and a team of devoted mobility advisors for your consultation.

Some of the Electrical Wheel Chairs Provided Include the Following:

* Jive Up-Indoor and Outdoor-The standing wheel chair to elevate your experience.

* TDX SP-Indoor and Outdoor-High-performance power chair for active people.

* Luca-Indoor and Outdoor-Solution for intensive use where suspension and comfort are important.

* Pronto M61-Mainly Indoor-Stylish and Sleek, an affordable centre wheel drive power chair.

* Quantum-Mainly Indoor-The Ultimate choice for people that demand the superb stability of Mid-Wheel 6 Design.

* Storm4 X-plore-Outdoor-Experience the benefits of 4-wheeled suspension for confident driving outdoors.

An Electric Wheel Chair Will Make Your Life Much Easier

Being limited on what you can do can be frustrating, but by having an electrical wheel chair you will be able to do more than before. An electric wheel chair will make your life much easier. With a wide variety to choose from, affordability, great customer service and a service offered to you if your chair needs to be repaired; you know you can count on the supplier you chose for anything. If you would like more information about electrical wheel chairs, contact Exeter Disability Centre Ltd today by visiting their website.

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