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One of the most inconvenient things in the world is when you have a plumbing emergency with no one to call. Most plumbers only have day time services but are not available at night when emergencies sometimes take place. The good thing is there are emergency plumbers in Winchester that can help you have an emergency after hours. There are some emergencies, however, that can be prevented if you take the proper precautions. Keep reading to learn more about some emergency plumbing issues and repairs.

Flushing Items down the Toilet

If you have kids in the home, you probably have experienced this issue at one time or another. Small toys and other gadgets have probably gotten flushed down the toilet at some point when your child was young. These small gadgets and toys can get caught in the pipes causing severe damage to them and you will not be able to use the toilet. This could cause the toilet to overflow and flood your bathroom. The toilet has to be removed in order to get the toys out. There are a number of items that can get stuck in there but all of them require a professional plumber to come out and fix it. You should not plunge your toilet if there is something large lodged in there.

Construction Materials

If you have ever performed a do-it-yourself project at home, then you know what it is like to have construction materials lying around the house. However, you should never put anything down your drain such as compounds used for wall cleaning and repairing walls. This can cause the drain to become hardened and clog up. This blocks the pipes so that nothing is able to go down the drain. Do not put drain cleaner down the drain if this happens. This could make things much worse. If your kitchen sink becomes clogged because of construction materials, then you need to call an emergency plumber right away to help fix the problem as soon as possible. Click here to know more.


Many emergencies can occur when it comes to plumbing. You cannot control when those are going to happen, so it is good to know that you can call an emergency plumber to help you get through them. Emergencies can happen any time, day or night, so it is important that there are some plumbing services in the area that can help during emergencies.

Prestige Plumbers are emergency plumbers in Winchester that will help you unclog your drain during the evening and after most plumbers are closed.

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