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There are numerous stories of an elderly person falling and not being able to get back up. When an elderly person has fallen it can be a very scary situation for both the individual and their loved ones. The person who has fallen may begin to panic not knowing how long they will be on the floor until someone finds them. When someone is unable to care for themselves any longer, the last thing their family wants to consider is putting them into a long-term medical facility. With an elderly panic alarm, loved ones will be able to remain independent in their own home with the option of receiving critical care in case of an emergency.

What Is an Elderly Panic Alarm?

An elderly panic alarm is a device used to contact an individual’s family if there is an emergency. The alarm can be worn around the neck for easy access if the elderly person should happen to need help. If they prefer there is the option of wearing a wristband alarm too. With a panic alarm, your loved one will feel more at ease when they are left alone.

How an Elderly Panic Alarm Works

The elderly panic alarm is programmed with numbers that the device will call when the button is pressed on the alarm. In an emergency the elderly person simply has to push the button, the alarm will start dialing the phone numbers preprogrammed into the device. If no one answers the alarm will continue to call each number until someone is reached. The individual will then be able to speak with the person who answers through a two-way base plugged in beside their phone. SureSafe provides devices to give your family member the security they need when they need it most.

SureSafe Alarms Will Help Put Your Mind at Ease

With a water-resistant alarm, your loved one will be able to wear their SureSafe Alarm continually. You no longer have to worry about your family member falling in the shower and not being able to contact someone for help. With an alarm, your mind will be more at ease knowing they are not left without a way to contact anyone for help. SureSafe can let your loved one retain their independence while feeling safe when left on their own.

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If you are considering purchasing an elderly panic alarm for a family member for when they are alone, contact SureSafe. Their friendly customer representatives are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about their products.

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