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The environment in which your colleagues and employees work should have a professional appearance and a relaxed vibe. If you get the design aspect right, you can expect productivity to improve, which will enhance the overall business. This is why it’s a good idea to foster creativity with interior design. Numerous companies around the UK offer building refurbishment in Rickmansworth, so why not invest in these services? From the colour scheme to the furniture and equipment, there are many ideas to choose from. If you’re on the fence about giving the office a style overhaul, check out the following quirky yet clever ideas.

Cartoon Kingdom

The cartoon kingdom idea won’t work for every business, but will work brilliantly for those businesses with a fun side to them. Bright and colourful, this type of building refurbishment in Rickmansworth is the design choice for the Candy Crush studios – a successful gaming app that took the world by storm when it was released in 2012. The trampoline-style seats are comfortable and the bright colours stimulate the imagination, so managers and bosses can feel confident in knowing that their colleagues mind’s are constantly being accelerated.

Indoor Garden

If the natural jungle look appeals to you, why not decorate your company’s office with an indoor garden style? House plants such as Jade Plant and Aloe Vera emit a high oxygen content, which means that you won’t need to open the windows as much to enhance air quality. Shades of white, brown, cream and green will create a Zen-like feel. If your business is in the culinary field, why not grow herbs and other edibles in your indoor garden?

Transparent and Translucent

They say that opposites attract and this is rightly so when it comes to transparent and translucent. The great thing about transparent and translucent features is that they help establish a certain level of privacy, particularly if the office environment is dim lit. When paying for this kind of building refurbishment in Rickmansworth, remember that less is more. Spiral staircases, pendant lighting and wooden cabinets will compliment the overall theme, and striped wallpaper will create the illusion of higher ceilings. Combine this with exposed brickwork and stainless steel furnishings for a contemporary look.

Malrose is a prestigious building contractor with many years experience in both residential & commercial properties in Rickmansworth, UK.

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