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Get Quality Air Source Heat Pumps

Get Quality Air Source Heat Pumps

By on Dec 28, 2015 in Business |

An air source heat pump is able to provide efficient cooling and heating to your home or business. When it is installed properly, an air source heat pump has the ability to deliver 1 ½ to three times more heat or cooling energy to your home or business. This is possible due to the fact that the heat pump has the ability to move heat rather than switching it over to fuel like traditionally combustion heating systems do.

Air source heating pumps have been used for a number of years in both the United States and the UK. The technology has recently advanced so that it is now able to offer space heating options for much colder areas of the world.

Types of Air Source Heat Pumps

If you want to learn more about air source heat pumps, then you will need to find experts who specialize in air conditioning equipment in Devon. Here are some basics about these types of pumps and how they are used. Ductless heat pumps require very little construction and only have about a 2-3-inch hole in the wall in order to connect the indoor heads with the outdoor condenser. Ductless systems are typically used when additions are being made. A ducted system uses ductwork, if your home or office already has a ventilation system or it is a newly constructed facility.

Many heat pumps are constructed of split systems which have one coil inside and one coil outside. Return and supply ducts are connected to the indoor fan. Systems that are packaged have an outdoor fan as well as two different coils. Cooled or heated air is traditionally delivered to the inside from the ductwork that passes through the roof or the wall. There are single and multi-zone types, and both are used in air source heat pumps. Single pump systems are specifically designed for one room and have both an outdoor condenser and an indoor head. A multi-zone system typically has two different indoor heads and is conducted to the condenser outside. You can click here to get more information.


Air source heat pumps are just one of the many types of air conditioning equipment used in homes and businesses. It is important that you find a company who has years of experience installing new air source heat pumps and can also provide you with a warranty. This is the best way to go about heating or cooling your home or office building.

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