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Hiring Experts in Laser Profiling to Cut Catering Equipment

Hiring Experts in Laser Profiling to Cut Catering Equipment

By on Nov 5, 2014 in Business |

Whatever your precision sheet metal fabrication needs might be, laser profiling experts will be able to assist. Someone who works in this industry will work with a varied group of customers for all kinds of jobs, such as the production of catering equipment. Tables, sinks, kitchen canopies – you name it, an experienced metalworker will be able to assist with it. To find out how laser cutting is used in domestic, commercial and industrial areas, read on.

What is Laser Profiling?
When a thin or thick sheet of metal needs to be cut to size, a beam of coherent light will be targeted on the area that needs cutting. With specific movements the laser will erode the material, allowing for patterns to be cut out of the material with ease. This is the process of laser profiling, which is one of the most accurate forms of metal cutting. It is a preferred process for the creation of tools and no matter how designs need to be cut into the metal, the parts can be changed quickly and easily. With accuracy to 0.1mm and minimal wastage, it is a convenient and economical option for the manufacturing of catering equipment.

What Can it be Used for?
Laser profiling can be used for all kinds of jobs, both big and small. Catering equipment, such as banquet tables, drink dispensers, ovens and ranges will be composed of multiple pieces, which will likely be cut to size by a laser cutting professional. Heavy automotive parts, sheet metal, tubes, pipes, templates, stencils, letter and number signage, and marketing items can also be cut into shape with lasers. The beam of light cuts at lightning speed and offers a clean-cut edge, therefore you need not worry about polishing up the metal for a flawless result.

What Happens During the Process?
Although laser cutting can be completed within a few seconds, the process is actually quite complex. Before the metal can be cut into shape, it will be prepared. This preparation involves punching holes around the edges of the section that is going to be cut. When heat is applied from the laser, the material in its path will melt. Argon, Oxygen and Nitrogen are three examples of the most common gases used as an assist gas. This gas is used not only to produce the cut but also, to remove the material once it has been heated.

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