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Hiring HSE Licensed Asbestos Contractors in London – Why is a License Important?

Hiring HSE Licensed Asbestos Contractors in London – Why is a License Important?

By on May 19, 2016 in Asbestos Testing Service |

A lot of buildings that were constructed more than 20 years ago will likely have been built with asbestos. Once upon a time, asbestos was one of the most popular building materials for use with residential and commercial construction projects. However, now it is not used at all, due to the fact a lot of health hazards have since been linked to asbestos. These health hazards include respiratory problems such as mesothelioma and cancer. Avoiding exposure is not all that difficult – simply call HSE (Health and Safety Executive) licensed asbestos contractors in London and the surrounding areas and request inspection and removal services! Not every asbestos contractor will be equipped for the job though, so before you hire help, first find out why seeking out a tradesman with a HSE license is essential.

It Demonstrates Competence

Unless HSE licensed asbestos contractors obtain a license, they probably won’t be all that serious about their job! A license is essential to carry out work alongside a skilled workforce. The license must be applied for and the person applying for it should carry out a formal procedure of some kind. By doing so, the contractor can prove their ability to follow requests and use certain types of equipment, whilst following health and safety precautions, and taking the environment into consideration.

It Shows That They Follow General Principles

Certain precautions should be considered by the HSE licensed contractors in London and the surrounding areas and you can feel confident that the person carrying out the job is doing so whilst sticking to the rules if they have a license. Some general principles that should be followed by these contractors include environmental awareness, the ability to recognise hazards and absorbing information that relates to things like excavation work, asbestos removal, material testing, environmental monitoring and of course, time management.

It Proves That PPE is Used

When personal protective equipment (PPE) is used by the person carrying out the asbestos-related work, this is a sign that the contractor is licensed. HSE licensed contractors in London will don safety gear such as overalls, sturdy shoes and gloves, as well as use tools that offer complete protection and reduce the risks of injury. A big hazard could arise if safety isn’t the main concern of the contractor, so focus on whether or not they use PPE for every job to ensure you are collaborating with someone who does their best to complete the work safely.

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