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A house may appear beautiful when you first look at it, but some underlying problems may not become noticeable until you move in. Although you may be keen to put down an offer, it’s important that you take the time to hire surveyors in Bristol. Workers in this industry will perform thorough inspections to ensure there are no issues associated with damp, rot, woodworm, structural faults and insulation.

In most cases, surveyors in Bristol will aim to get reports finalised within a week, so that you don’t miss the opportunity to buy. With these results, you can determine whether or not the asking price was suitable, and if actions should be taken before the final contracts are exchanged. Additionally, you can make an informed judgement on whether the purchase should be continued or not.

Building Survey

An older property or building of historic importance will be inspected by surveyors in Bristol with a building survey. This type of survey is very in-depth and takes a look at everything, from the foundations to the electrical and plumbing fixtures. Normally, the job will take a full day to complete, but this varies based on the property size. The detailed report will not include a valuation, but will draw your attention to issues that may need further investigation.

Homebuyer’s Report

Structural safety will be covered with a homebuyer’s report, and the surveyors in Bristol will take their time to make sure that should anything not meet current building regulations, it is dealt with straight away. The surveyor will only need 2-4 hours to complete the job, and you can rely on this expert view to provide you with an accurate property value. If repairs need to be completed, the property value will depreciate and you can use this to your advantage by asking the seller if he or she is willing to accept a lower offer.

Home Condition Survey

The overall condition of the property will be highlighted by the surveyors in Bristol completing a home condition survey. Once the survey is complete, you can find out what the cost is to rebuild the property and whether an investment is really worth it. Another option is a new-build snagging survey, which exposes minor problems, such as poor paintwork and leaking taps.

For detailed building surveys, contact surveyors in Bristol at Robert White Associates.

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