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How the process of asbestos removal works

How the process of asbestos removal works

By on Dec 15, 2015 in Construction & Maintenance |

It could be that you’re a landlord or a homeowner and you suspect that you may have the presence of asbestos in your building. You know that there was legislation passed in 2012 that requires every landlord and homeowner to be responsible for the residents, and you are not sure what you need to do to be compliant. If you live in Bradford there are local companies that are licenced and trained to provide you with guidance about asbestos removal.

How the process works

The first step will be to arrange for an asbestos survey. There are two types of survey that can be conducted: one is a simple management survey and reports whether any asbestos was found, where it is situated and the condition it’s in; the second is if any refurbishment of demolition is taking place. The latter survey is invasive and parts of the building may be broken into to do an adequate inspection. Asbestos can be in roof tiles, in cladding, pipes, or even boilers, so surveyors need to do a careful and thorough inspection to satisfy themselves that nothing has been missed. Once the report shows that asbestos is in place, you can consider your options.

If a management survey has been conducted and the asbestos is in a stable condition and not likely to be disturbed, you may be able to postpone the removal. The mineral’s presence will be noted in an asbestos register as, ultimately it will need to be disposed of. If you are considering a refurbishment or demolition it is essential that you allow the professional company in Wakefield to conduct the asbestos removal. As a company licenced to do this, it will know what paperwork needs to be filed with the relevant authorities and will also be able to draw up a complete plan as to how the removal will take place. Extensive training has usually taken place with the staff on-site so they should know how to deal with each different form of asbestos. You can visit here to get more information.

The removal process

You can expect that the on-site staff will arrive in full protective gear and they will set about sealing off the building so that it is airtight. If there are problems on site, a good company has experts back in the office who can be called in to advise how to deal with a tricky situation. Once all the asbestos has been removed, it will be double-bagged for additional safety and will be disposed of in a legally compliant manner. The company you have engaged should also ensure that your site is completely cleaned after the removal and will once again be safe for occupation. Some companies will provide you with a Reoccupation Certificate for your peace of mind.

If you require asbestos removal in Bradford, you could contact ACS Health, Safety & Environment. The company has highly trained staff that can provide you with expert assistance.

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