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How to choose the right boiler for your house

How to choose the right boiler for your house

By on Aug 8, 2016 in Plumbing |

Is it time for a new boiler? Gas boiler installations in Swansea and the surrounding area must be done by a professional who is licensed and certified – but you, as a homeowner, must choose which one is to be installed. While professional installers can give you advice and guidelines, the final decision is up to you. Here are some features to look for and things to consider before making your purchase:

* Budget: While this shouldn’t be your only consideration, you will have to have an idea of how much you can afford. Remember that in most instances, you get what you pay for. Choosing a model that is somewhere in between the lowest price and the highest is usually a good way to go.

* Consider a Combination boiler: also known as a combi, these are a very popular choice, particularly for those with limited space. These don’t require storage space for the cylinder, and provide on-demand heating and hot water services.

* Efficiency rating: Today’s boilers are much more efficient than decades ago; choose one with a high efficiency rating and you will pay less on your heating bill each month. This can add up to hundreds of pounds in savings each year.

* Get the right size for your home: If you have a small home, then you’ll need a smaller home; a bigger home will require a bigger boiler. To make sure you are choosing the right size, ask a professional. Or, choose the same size that you currently have.

* Warranty: Regardless of which type of boiler you choose, make sure you purchase an extended warranty in case there are any problems. The gas boiler installations in Swansea may also have a warranty for purchase. Also be sure to ask about any maintenance programs they have available. Regular maintenance will ensure your new boiler lasts for years to come.

Eric Collier & Son Ltd have many years of experience in gas boiler installations for your home or business in Swansea, UK and surrounding areas.

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