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How to Dispose Of Asbestos in London

How to Dispose Of Asbestos in London

By on Sep 12, 2016 in Asbestos Testing Service |

Asbestos is considered a hazardous waste as it is a known carcinogen to humans. It is also dangerous to the environment, which is why London has specific rules for disposing of asbestos throughout the city. If you must dispose of asbestos in London, you need to understand how to go about eliminating the waste.

Residential Asbestos

Residences often have small amounts of asbestos, so the city does provide collection services for asbestos removed from residences. The asbestos must be wrapped and residents are entitled to one collection per rolling year. No wrapping is supplied and the city does not test, dismantle or wrap the asbestos for any residents. There is an online form that must be completed or residents may call for removal. The city will need:

  • Name of the borough
  • Full name, address and telephone number
  • Number of pieces and the size of each piece in metres or centimetres
  • Number of rubble bags

If the pieces are large, they must be individually wrapped in heavy duty plastic and sealed with tape. Rubble may be placed into rubble bags used by builders but the bags must be easily lifted by one person and sealed with strong tape.

Business Asbestos

There is some collection of asbestos available for schools, but the school must contact the city by phone or email. There is no asbestos waste collection for landlords, charities or commercial waste. The asbestos removal service is for domestic asbestos only and only for residents whose property the asbestos is removed from.

Charges and Fees

The first 15 square metres of asbestos or seven builders bags are collected for free. Any asbestos removed over that amount will incur a fee. Payment can be made in advance over the phone or online and must be paid prior to collection of the asbestos.


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