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How to Pick a Frame for Double Glazing in Farnham

How to Pick a Frame for Double Glazing in Farnham

By on Aug 17, 2015 in Doors and Windows |

The majority of buildings around the United Kingdom, and the rest of the world, are now fitted with double glazed windows. Glass that is double glazed will have two panes, separated by a gas-filled layer. Designed to absorb impact, sounds and draughts, this gas-filled layer plays an important role in double glazing in Farnham. Aside from keeping the home warm, it helps reduce the homeowner’s energy bills. If you want to further save money, it’s wise to set aside enough time to find the perfect frame. Click here to get more information.

Take Accurate Measurements

You can avoid hassle and disappointment by taking measurements before getting in touch with glaziers about double glazing in Farnham. Unless the windows and doors are fitted properly, heat may escape from the home and your bills will start to rise. Most glaziers will offer a free no obligation quote when measuring things up, so that you can figure out how much installation will cost and whether or not it falls within your budget. The best way to measure windows for framing is to take the width, which can be done from plaster to plaster. Next, measure from the window sill to the floor.

Selecting a Material

It’s not just the appearance of your windows that are affected by the frame material but also, the thermal efficiency. A durable material that does not require too much maintenance and that is strong will be the best choice. Some options include steel and aluminium. Wood is another worthwhile choice, with hardwood being an affordable option. For a wider choice of colours, get the frames on your double glazing in Farnham manufactured from PVC. This reinforced plastic can be moulded into pretty much any shape and it is a relatively fire-resistant type of plastic.

Choosing a Colour

Now comes the easy part – picking a colour that matches the theme of your home and that suits your taste. Wood can be stained in a vast array of dyes, such as light oak and mahogany. Solvent and water-based stains are the most common products chosen for double glazing in Farnham. Colour coatings can be applied to metal frames and if you would like to protect the metal, consider getting the frame powder coated. PVC is manufactured in a rainbow of colours, therefore it’s best to consult with the supplier, who can then order the correct shade.

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