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How to Prepare Your Tyres for winter

How to Prepare Your Tyres for winter

By on Mar 10, 2016 in Wheels & Tyres |

Winter weather can really take a toll on your car and on your safety. Therefore, it is very important that you do everything in your power to make sure that your car and tyres are prepared for the snow and ice that the winter season can bring with it.

1. Check Your Tyre Tread

The tread on your tyres is what allows you to have the proper amount of traction. Therefore, you need to make sure you check that they have plenty of tread. You can do this a few different ways. Although you can often tell just by looking whether or not your tyres need replaced, the best thing to do is to take your vehicle to a service garage to have it fully inspected. This way you can have complete peace of mind that your vehicle will be roadworthy for winter driving conditions.

2. Check Your Tyre Pressure

Tyre pressure is of course important to check year around. However, it is even more important when winter weather rears its ugly head. This is because cars lose approximately 1 psi for every 10 degrees that the temperature drops. Therefore, you should check your cars manual to find out how many psi is required for your tyres to be safe to drive on. You can click here to know more.

3. Think about Snow Tyres

Many people have a common misconception that snow tyres are strictly for those who live in the hills. However, in all honesty that isn’t the case. Snow tyres are good no matter where you live, because they enable you to get around easier when snow is on the ground. If you fear driving in the snow or just want to be safer, then snow tyres will be a better option for you. Everyday drive tyres can get packed easily with snow and can harden, making your car slide easier. Snow tyres keep sliding to a minimum.

Above are just 3 things you can do to stay safer during the winter season. When it comes down to it, remember to drive with caution and pay attention to your surroundings. To better prepare yourself for winter, stop by a tyre shop in your area. They will be able to not only make sure your car is ready for the winter weather, but they will also be able to walk you through a few more tips on making sure everything is in top condition.

Portsmouth Exhaust and Tyre Services can help you with all your needs for tyres in Portsmouth. Stop by or give them a call today to get ready for the winter season.

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