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Important Questions to Ask when Purchasing Hardwood Flooring

Important Questions to Ask when Purchasing Hardwood Flooring

By on Nov 30, 2015 in Flooring |

There is no question that hardwood flooring offers a beautiful aesthetic appeal and a timeless and elegant look that anyone can appreciate. However, with so many choices, it can be difficult to know what type of hardwood flooring to choose. Some questions to consider prior to choosing this type of flooring and installing it in your home are highlighted here.

Should you purchase engineered or solid wood flooring?

This will be dependent on where you want to install the wood floor. Both engineered and solid wood floors are made with natural wood, so they are both an environmentally friendly option.

* Solid wood flooring is solid wood and it can be sanded and also refinished. This option is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and living rooms.

* Engineered wood flooring is manufactured with several layers of wood veneers. This option is ideal for slab installations, such as in a basement.

What type of wood species is right for you?

Selecting the right wood species is important but this is a decision that will be based completely on the homeowner’s style preferences. Also, budget will play a role in this decision. There are over 50 domestic and imported species of wood, which can help you create a unique look for your home. Some of the most popular options include:

* Maple or ash: Ideal if you want to make a room appear airy and open.

* Oak or hickory: Create a warm and cosy look.

* Mahogany or walnut: Help create a refined and stately look.

There are a number of other options, as well, which can be used for creating a style and look that works best for your home and needs. Click here to get more information.

Taking the time to find the right type of wood flooring for your home will help you feel satisfied with the choice that you ultimately make. There are quite a few options to consider and another factor that will impact the final product is the Timber Merchants in Exeter who are producing or manufacturing the wood flooring. Take some time to research the reputation of the merchant prior to using their service so that you can find the best one for your needs. Don’t rush into a decision, since this may result in a look that is not right for your home or style. Also, if possible, visit a showroom, since you will be able to get a first-hand look at the flooring you choose.

Are you searching for quality wood flooring? If so, let the Timber Merchants in Exeter help you find a quality option. Blamphayne Sawmills LTD. is the place to go.

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