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Improve Air Quality and Reduce Energy Bills with Air Conditioning Equipment in Exeter

Improve Air Quality and Reduce Energy Bills with Air Conditioning Equipment in Exeter

By on Sep 5, 2014 in Business |

Being an allergy sufferer can be tough, especially if you live in a property with poor air quality. By spending money on air conditioning equipment in Exeter you can bid farewell to sneezes and sniffles, because these systems are proven to improve air quality. Not only do they remove pollutants from the air but also, they operate efficiently, which could help you save money on your heating and cooling bills! Before you buy, you ought to think about your budget and your requirements, what with so many styles to choose from. The following innovative devices operate silently and efficiently.

Split Air Conditioner
Made up of an indoor and outdoor unit, a split air conditioner will appeal to people who want to cool more than one room. This air conditioning equipment in Exeter has a condenser, expansion valve and compressor. No central system of ductwork is necessary with these systems, making them cheaper to run. Designed to purify the air, it is a whisper-quiet option for homes that cannot be fitted with a window-type system.

Window Air Conditioner
If you don’t want to take up much space with air conditioning equipment in Exeter, hire an engineer to install a window air conditioner. Mounted on the walls or windowsills inside a property, window air conditioners are a green choice, because they have high energy efficiency ratings. The most popular option for domestic purposes, these systems are designed with a number of features, such as a dehumidifier, timer and air filters. You can also press a button if you want it to operate silently throughout the night.

Packaged Air Conditioner
Office spaces and properties with large rooms can take longer to cool. Unless you purchase the right sized air conditioner, you can expect energy bills to creep up. A system that is too small will need to work harder for the air inside the room to reach a desired temperature, and this could put pressure on components. A packaged air conditioner will either be equipped with an air-cooled condenser or a water-cooled condenser. There is no need for a water supply with packaged systems, which are almost as powerful as central heating systems. Capacities range from 3-15 tonnes and because everything is housed In one case, maintenance and cleaning is straightforward.

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