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If you have a restaurant and have space for a patio you can create additional space to accommodate more customers during the warmer months. Panoramic sectional doors are the perfect choice to make your restaurant the go to summer dining spot for locals and tourists alike.

Indoor/Outdoor Space
Panoramic sectional doors work much the same as garage doors. They are sectional automatic doors that can be installed at the front or back of your restaurant and opened when fine weather arrives. They can be ordered with window sections so can be used at your restaurant front as well. They allow you to make your entire restaurant into a patio as well as provide easy access for wait staff to serve guests in a designated outdoor area.

Create an Oasis
Many restaurants have a nice space out back that can be transformed into a patio space. You can speak to your local authorities to find out what is allowed and make plans to add a little eating or drinks area if space and property allows. You can start with the installation of sectional doors that can be opened on nice days and then create a little oasis in the outdoor space adding tables, lighting, a bar area, fountains and planters. You can even install a living wall to keep the area cooler and grow fresh herbs for your chef. You will be surprised at how affordable a little outdoor space can be and how much additional profits you can make with this simple addition.

Light and Fresh Air
Sectional doors can be used in newer buildings in Fife and surrounding areas at the front of the restaurant and can be opened even if you are not allowed to include a patio space. You can let in light and fresh air during the summer months by opening the sectional doors when weather allows. You can add some planters with lovely tropical plants to flank the front of the restaurant to create an inviting place for customers to enjoy drinks, a meal and the summer weather.

The addition of sectional doors to your restaurant can provide a special place for locals to enjoy a meal, with the sights and sounds of the town to enhance their dining experience.
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