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Make certain you partner with professionals when you need to move

Make certain you partner with professionals when you need to move

By on May 26, 2016 in Removal Services |

If you dread the thought of moving house, you’re in the same boat as almost everybody the world over. You have probably become very comfortable in your surroundings, and there are bound to be items that you’ve been meaning to clear out, but just haven’t found the time. For months you’ve been thinking of going through those piles of magazines or all those old clothes that you haven’t worn in years and now it’s time to move, and the deadline to become organized is upon you.

Too many people make the mistake of simply throwing all their possessions into boxes, and decide they will do a clear-out once they reach their destination. If you can make the time, it’s an excellent discipline to do a complete inventory of your possessions and be ruthless in advance of the move, so that nothing but those things that you really need make the move with you. Imagine the pleasure you’ll have when you open all your boxes at your new destination and find only the things that you really need and treasure.

How to arrange a successful move

Apart from the clearing out and the careful inspection of which items you should keep, the most important factor in moving home is choosing a company that you can trust to make your move as stress free as possible. There are many removal companies around, but there are also many different standards of professionalism to be found regarding removals in Exeter. A good rule of thumb is to find a company that is registered with the British Association of Removals (BAR). This will guarantee you that minimum standards of operating efficiency are in place, and you will be provided with trained staff who will know how to handle your precious items.

Conducting proper removals is not for amateurs

One thing that many people believe is that packing up possessions for a move is fairly simple, and that all you need for successful furniture removal is a strong back. This isn’t true at all, and you’ll know the difference immediately if you watch a trained crew packing your goods versus someone who is working in a temporary capacity, who hasn’t received thorough instructions. There are too many stories around of people who have had a dreadful experience with inept movers who have ruined their most valued items; and then they’ve discovered that the company wasn’t insured to cover the damage. When you’ve spent a lifetime accumulating the things that make your house a home, and probably have many items that have great sentimental value, it’s your job to ensure that you entrust these only to professional movers who will treat these possessions with care and respect.

If you need a removals company in Exeter, make certain you partner with a professional company. Contact Rose Removals and Storage of Devon for all of your moving needs.

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