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Mistakes that Require an Emergency Plumber

Mistakes that Require an Emergency Plumber

By on Jan 13, 2016 in Plumbing |

There are times when homeowners make tiny little mistakes that turn into big ones, especially when it comes to plumbing. Just because it hasn’t caused you a problem the second you make the mistake, doesn’t mean that you are off the hook just yet. Some of these mistakes make you have to rush to the phone in search of emergency plumbers in Fareham to help you erase that mistake. Here are some common problems that require urgent plumbing services.

Garbage Disposal Problems

Many people make the mistake of treating the garbage disposal like a trash compactor. This can cause serious problems to your disposal which could call for an emergency plumber. Not all garbage belongs in the compactor and most people forget that. They put a bunch of food that should not be going down there which end up clog up the blades. Plumbers pull out items such as potato peels, watermelon rinds, and pumpkin carvings. Just because it is called a garbage disposal does not mean all garbage can go down the disposal.

Another common garbage disposal problem occurs when homeowners forget to remove the disposal plug. This happens during the process of installation. The installation of a garbage disposal does not require you to have advanced plumbing skills, but if it is getting connected to a dishwasher then the disposal plug must be removed first. Otherwise it can block the dishwasher hose which cause water to flood your kitchen. You can click here to know more information.

Placing Weight on Fixtures

One common mistake that homeowners make when it comes to the fixtures in their shower is the weight that they place on the fixtures themselves. Too much weight on your shower head can cause severe problems. Try not to add things such as large bottles of shampoos and soaps that weigh down the head causing it to possibly rip right out. This could also cause water to spray everywhere and flood your bathroom. If you are going to hang a fixture on your shower head, make sure it is small and light.


Many of the plumbing problems that homeowners face occur because of simple mistakes such as these. Changing a few little habits around the home can end up saving you quite a bit of money on costly plumbing repairs. Be careful with your garbage disposal and do not clog it up with things that do not belong there.

Prestige Plumbers are emergency plumbers in Fareham that can help you fix your garbage disposal or shower. Visit them online for more info.

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