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Must-Have Features for Burglar Alarms

Must-Have Features for Burglar Alarms

By on May 28, 2018 in Security System Supplier |

Security is essential for your home and commercial premises. When you install a burglar system in place, you enjoy peace of mind knowing that your property and loved ones are safe. For a burglar system to be effective, it must have cutting edge features. You must also rely on a professional installer to help you with the installation.

Camera Technology

The imaging and video technology has evolved over time to give rise to effective and efficient gadgets. As you might have noticed, the megapixels on smartphone cameras keep increasing with every new phone. The same advancements are experienced even in the security industry. In addition, the images no longer appear as grey slideshows, but you can have full-colour HD cameras. The cameras come in all sizes so if you want something to blend into your home, you can choose a small camera. The cameras have the capability to record and playback large amount of footage. They also have remotes which enable you to zoom in or out for more focused view.

Automaton Technology

Believe it or not, you can view what is happening in your premises anytime. Burglar systems integrate with various devices and this gives you unlimited options for monitoring. The unlimited monitoring guarantees that you can access real time information. Some systems allow you to carry out other functions such as locking or unlocking the doors.

Increased Accuracy

Technological improvements lead to more accurate information. As you choose a burglar alarm in Devon, make sure it is created by a reliable company. Burglar systems companies install products that have been approved and are certified for use. The companies go a step ahead to make sure that they are BAFE registered, ISO 9001 accredited and SSAIB registered. Ace Fire and Security is a certified security company that deals with intruder alarms, burglar alarms, fire extinguishers, CCTV installations, safety signage, door entry systems, and basic fire awareness services. Contact the company for uncompromised security services.

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