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If you live in Gloucester and your septic tank needs emptying make sure that you find a company with a good reputation that can provide you with references from previous happy clients. Emptying a septic tank is a fairly straightforward process but if something goes wrong it can cause untold amounts of damage or inconvenience.

When contacting the firms you should have the exact details of your septic tank, particularly the make, model and size. Establish what their basic cost for emptying the tank is, and what volume of waste this covers. Ask if there are any additional costs attached. Let them know if your septic tank is easily accessed, or if they will need to dig or crawl in order to access it, as they may charge more for this.  Does their cost only include a certain amount of time, and if not, what are their overtime rates (if for example, the septic tank needs additional unforeseen work.)

It is suggested that you get at least three comparative quotes from different companies, which should not be difficult: Septic tank emptying in Gloucester is fairly commonplace. Of the three quotes, don’t just immediately pick the cheapest. Look at the small print, ask what guarantees / warrantees / aftercare is provided, and don’t forget that once you have got this far, a little instinct goes a long way.

When you have decided who to use and have booked the job in, make sure you are prepared. The firm may have asked you to do a few things to get things ready or not, as the case may be. It’s useful to remember that once they have started you may not be able to use anything in the house that requires drainage – so be prepared!

A handy tip to remember is that before the pumping starts, ask for a measurement of scum and sludge thickness. This will help you to calculate your rate of usage, and therefore predict when you may next need to have the tank emptied.

Finally, and most importantly, offer the workmen a cup of tea or coffee when they arrive. This will help build a good relationship with them, and could mean that they are more likely to go that extra mile for you if needs be. It will certainly make their day more pleasant.

Hopefully the job will be very straightforward and before you know it your septic tank will be ready for another year. So if you are in the Gloucester area and looking for septic tank emptying, do your homework to ensure that you book the right people, the first time.

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