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Paying for Garage Services in Petersfield – Signs Your Shock Absorbers Are Worn

Paying for Garage Services in Petersfield – Signs Your Shock Absorbers Are Worn

By on Aug 18, 2015 in Wheels & Tyres |

Are you one of the many motorists who drives on a regular basis, but doesn’t actually know what each vehicle component does? If so, you would benefit from learning a bit about car components as a way of saving money on repairs, preventing accidents and avoiding legal disputes. The shock absorbers are specially designed to absorb shock impulses. Perhaps the most misunderstood component of them all, the shock absorbers must be functioning properly if you want to prevent your car from swerving and nose diving. Failure to get them fixed or replaced could cause uneven tyre wear, so read on to discover the common problem signs.

Longer Stopping Distance

Stopping distance will vary, depending on what car you have, what tyres it is fitted with, how well you maintain It, etc. However, the shorter the stopping distance the better. It is not uncommon for the shock absorbers to become worn but when they do, stopping distance can be extended by 20 percent or more. Not only does this increase the risks of an accident but also, it means that your vehicle might be under-braking, which is a very dangerous issue. Shock absorbers can be replaced for a relatively low price if you take the time to find trusted providers of garage services in Petersfield. Click here to get more information.

Vehicle Veering and Sliding

Having complete control of your vehicle is absolutely essential because, after all, lack of control could result in accidents and even fatalities. When shock absorbers become damaged, the chances of a vehicle veering to the side or sliding will increase. Don’t confuse vehicle veering and sliding with heavy winds. Arrange for the shock absorbers to be examined to make sure these components are causing the problem.

Vibrations While Moving

All cars will vibrate in some way or another, but excessive vibrations are a sign of a more serious problem. When shock absorbers are not working properly, vibrations will travel around the vehicle and will be most noticeable on the car’s steering wheel. The intensity of vibrations will have an impact on vehicle control and performance, so pick up the phone and call professionals for garage services in Petersfield if you suspect a problem. The mechanic will likely inspect the suspension system and advise repairs or replacements.

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