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Preventative Maintenance on Your Car

Preventative Maintenance on Your Car

By on May 11, 2016 in Automotive |

Nobody likes to have to take their vehicle to a mechanic because it can cost a bit of money. Having preventative maintenance performed on your car is one of the most important things you can do for your vehicle. It will help to save you save money on repairs in the future and keep your vehicle safe on the road. Not everyone completely understands what preventative maintenance and why it is so important. However, it is much more than getting your oil changed.

Owner’s Manual

Before you start looking for garage services in Portsmouth, you need to read over your owner’s manual to make sure that you are taking your car for maintenance when you are required to. Your manual will tell you how often you will have to change your oil and when the timing belts need to be changed. Your manual can even tell you a bit about the type of gas as well as the type of oil to put into your car. You could be using the wrong type of gas.

Preventative Maintenance

Even though the manual will tell you most things, there is a lot of preventative maintenance that needs to be performed on just about every type of vehicle. You can perform an inspection on your own or take it to a mechanic to have him do it for you. However, you can check to make sure that your lights are working and nothing is out of the ordinary. Check the air pressure in your tires once a month or so. You can always listen for different noises both inside and outside of your car. Checking fluids will also help keep your car running smoothly and keep other parts of your car working as it should.

Checking your timing and serpentine belts when you feel it is necessary is very important. Your belts need to be changed about every 60,000 miles. If you are looking for an exact number, you can always check your owner’s manual. You can go online as well and find a recommendation for your specific type of car.


It is also important to check your oil as often as your manual says and check your battery to see if needs to be replaced. It is also essential that you change your windshield wipers so that you do not get stuck with streaks on your windshield when it is raining.

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