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Do you worry about your parents when you are not with them? Are they susceptible to falling or maybe they become confused and get lost, forgetting what they are supposed to do? You may not want to move your parents into an assisted living centre, however you do want to make sure they are safe when you or their caregiver cannot be with them. Providing your loved one with a personal alarm to activate if a medical emergency should occur so they call for assistance may be exactly what you need to have peace of mind.

How SureSafe Personal Alarms Can Keep Your Parents Safe

SureSafe Personal Alarms for elders are devicesĀ that can call up to three preprogrammed numbers when the alarm is activated. Your parent will have a pendant or wristband to wear at all times in case of an emergency. They only need to simply push a button on the alarm to call for help. The personal alarm is water-resistant so loved ones can even wear their alarm in the shower. If they happen to slip while in the shower and cannot get back up, they can push the alarm to call for help. With a 50 meter radius from the base unit, your loved one will be able to roam around their home freely while still remaining in range.

Personal Alarms Are Easy to Install

The personal alarm is easy to install, you can have the alarm system working within five minutes. All wires and adaptors needed to install the alarm will come with a base unit, pendant or wristband. Once you receive the alarm you simply insert the wire into the base unit and the other end into a telephone jack. You then program in the three numbers you want the alarm to call when activated. Installation is easy and does not require the assistance of a professionally trained technician. Anyone can set up an easy to install personal alarm.

SureSafe Personal Alarms Are Affordable Safety Options

SureSafe offers you affordable alarms with a one-time fee when purchasing the system. You will save on the cost of paying someone to install the alarm for you with its easy installation. Also, with this personal alarm there is no monthly fee or bill because the alarm will call you or another family member instead of a call centre. No monetary value can be put on the safety, independence, health and security of a loved one. With SureSafe you can be provided with an affordable safety alarm for yourself, or family members.

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