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Push Your Business to New Heights with Laser Profiling Services

Push Your Business to New Heights with Laser Profiling Services

By on Jul 19, 2014 in Business |

As a business owner, you will likely take customer satisfaction very seriously. The way in which your services affect customers will impact profits, therefore it is important to stay updated with the latest laser profiling technology to meet demands. If you are keen to stay ahead of competitors and manage projects, it’s worth working with a company for laser cutting services.

What is Laser Profiling?

Laser profiling can be completed on all kinds of material, with metal being a popular option for its strength and durability. Computer-controlled parameters will help the high-powered beam cut the material by ensuring that a high-quality surface finish is achieved. Two formats are readily available from most welding and fabrication companies:

Gantry Systems – The laser is positioned perpendicular to the material with this method, so that the beam can be directed perfectly over the surface. This reduces the chances of something going wrong. Normally, gantry systems are slower than galvanometer systems, which is why it is a preferred choice for producing prototypes.
Galvanometer Systems – Through the use of mirrored angles, the laser beam can cut at speeds of 100 feet per minute or more with galvanometer systems.

The Properties of Laser Light Technology

There are four optical properties associated with laser profiling – coherence, diffraction, monochromaticity and radiance. The higher the monochromaticity level, the lower the laser’s frequency. Laser machines are specially designed to convert electrical energy into a beam of light. This high-intensity beam stimulates emissions by reflecting off of two mirrors – a reflective one and a partially transmissive one. A photon must be aligned with the resonator so that the mirrors can redirect this light and create a coherent beam.

Is Special Training Required for Laser Profiling?

Relatively simple, the process of laser profiling involves the use of modern equipment, therefore the person completing the job should know how to operate the machines properly to produce work of a good standard for the client. Most of the process is managed with a computerised touch screen, which means that the operator’s workload is reduced. However, the operator must pay attention to the imported drawing exchange format (DXF) to ensure desired results are achieved.

Whether you use Microsoft Office or Solid Works to present your ideas to the company specialising in laser profiling, the team at Sams Fabrications can assist. Their Job Tracking and Management Software can be used to monitor your project from beginning to end. Call 01603 405040 for a quote.

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