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Save on your energy bills with double glazing

Save on your energy bills with double glazing

By on May 10, 2016 in Doors and Windows |

Glass is an essential part of most homes as it lets in light and gives a sense of the outdoors being part of the indoors. Few homes in the world don’t use glass – and not just for windows. The problem has always been that a single plane of glass is a good conductor of heat. This might sound like a good thing, but it isn’t when it’s cold outside and you’ve spent much money on energy to generate a warm home. In the past, that heat would pass easily through the glass windows. To make it worse, condensation would form on the glass because it was so much warmer inside than outside. This condensation would eventually result in water running down the pane of glass. How depressing to know that your expensive heat is being lost, that you can’t see the view because the glass is fogged up, and icy water is forming rivulets down the glass panes. This is not the way you would want to experience winter. Fortunately, with double-glazing, this problem is completely solved.

The benefits of double glazing in your Farnham home

To create the ultimate comfort in your home, having double glazed windows is the way to go. These windows consist of two panes of glass – and can now even be comprised of three and four panes – but it’s not just adding glass that makes the difference. The secret comes from having an inert gas between the panes of glass. This gas is a poor conductor of heat, and that makes all the difference. By not allowing heat to pass through it very well, this gas allows heat to stay inside a room in winter, and keeps the heat of summer out in during the hot months. What could be a better solution? Also, with high quality glass manufacture, your view is not obscured by having more than one pane of glass, and the chances are that you’ll be unaware that this is a double glazed window just by looking at it. You can visit here to get more information.

The advantages of double glazing

Condensation will be a thing of the past with double glazing, as the inside pane of glass is kept much warmer. A huge consideration is the saving that is made in energy bills. Some homes have reported as much as a 50% saving, which means that the extra cost of installing these windows is very quickly recovered.

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