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Scooters VS Wheelchairs: Why Are Mobility Scooters Better?

Scooters VS Wheelchairs: Why Are Mobility Scooters Better?

By on Oct 23, 2017 in Wheelchair Repair Service |

There are many discussions about whether choosing a scooter or choosing a wheelchair as means of mobility if one is physically impaired in some way. The truth of the matter is that having an electronic mobility scooter is much easier and more beneficial to people who are in need of a handicap-accessible means of transportation.

But the question everyone asks is: why are mobility scooters better?

Well, to put it simply, mobility scooters are the easiest and most helpful method for physically handicapped persons. Here are three examples of why mobility scooters are the better choice over wheelchairs.

1. Mobility Scooters Are More Handicap Accessible.

Because those using mobility scooters are in need of more accessibility than others, it is important to think of the easiest way for them to get around. Mobility scooters allow for an easier way for the rider to turn and navigate through their house, ride down the sidewalk or street, as well as drive through stores and places in order to get daily activities done in an easier and simpler way.

2. Mobility Scooters Have More Styles.

There are many more styles of mobility scooters than there are of wheelchairs, which is why many people prefer choosing a scooter over wheelchairs. The aesthetically pleasing features and seating of the scooters make it more fun and enjoyable for the riders since they have more of a plethora of choices for styles, colours, and designs. This makes mobility scooters the better option for younger users who fear being outcast by their scooter in school or with friends.

3. Mobility Scooters Offer More Support.

Mobility scooters allow for their rider to have extra support and help during their daily lives doing simple necessary activities such as cleaning the house or going to the grocery store each week. They provide a more comfortable seat and foot area as well as some more padding on the back and headrest for ease and comfort of its rider. This is why mobility scooters are the best choice for anyone in need of support while sitting in their scooter. To know more, click here.

After viewing these four examples of why mobility scooters are more beneficial and better than a simple wheelchair, the choice is up to you to decide which one is truly right for your needs and lifestyle. Mobility Scooters in Bridgwater can easily be found and chosen through Exeter Disability Centre Ltd for those living in the UK.

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