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Should You Hire Roofers in Reading for Help with Flat Roofing?

Should You Hire Roofers in Reading for Help with Flat Roofing?

By on Jun 15, 2015 in Business And Industrial |

When building a home or renovating an existing structure, you will need to think about the roof. A roof protects a property and if you hire experienced roofers in Reading that are licensed and insured, you can rest assured that the roof will maintain its condition for years. There are two main types of roofing – pitched and flat. Although pitched is a good option for increasing usable loft space, it is much more expensive than flat roofing. Aside from the low price, flat roofing is ideal for small structures.

Space Saving

Pitched roofing will have a pitch that extends a few degrees and will take up more room than flat roofing, which is a space saving alternative. Roofers in Reading will recommend flat roofing for garages, porches and extensions. When fitted on smaller buildings, flat roofing could lower energy bills. Designed with a waterproof membrane, it will be fixed to the joists of a building. The best thing about this type of roofing is that it can be fitted in a day. The less man hours required to fit a roof, the lower the overall cost will be, making flat roofing a good idea if you have a budget you want to stick to.

Roof Removal

Always ask roofers in Reading about roof removal services before giving them the go-ahead for a job. Why, you ask? Well, roof removal services reduce the risks of problems occurring later down the line. When an old roof is removed properly and a new one fitted over the top, protection from rainwater, sunshine and other things will be greater. A roofer that simply lays new roofing tiles and slates over an existing roof will appear lazy and not very professional. Monitor what the roofer is doing when carrying out roof removal services, because all hazardous materials should be disposed of in a container, so as to avoid accidents.

Asking Questions

If roofers in Reading really want to help you, they will be happy to answer questions. There are a few things you should ask the roofer, such as whether or not he or she maintains qualifications, if he or she has licenses and insurance, if the roof is covered by warranty, if plastic covers and tarpaulins are fitted over structures, etc. Request upfront costs before paying so that you can decide who is worth working with.

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