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Signs You Need to Get Washing Machines in Evesham Repaired

Signs You Need to Get Washing Machines in Evesham Repaired

By on Jun 12, 2015 in Business And Industrial |

Is the water not draining properly each time you use washing machines in Evesham? Perhaps the machine is not spinning correctly or is using more energy than usual each time you run a cycle? Whatever the problem may be, it’s important that you hire a professional to examine the appliance before you buy a new model. Whether you own a Bosch, HotPoint or Electrolux washing machine, it’s life can be extended if you get the following issues dealt with by an experienced repair person.

Machine Won’t Spin

Most of the time, a machine that won’t spin can be repaired easily, because spinning issues usually occur as a result of common faults. Try not to overfill the washing machines in Evesham and refrain from washing single items. A professional will be able to inspect the carbon brushes, which might be worn and preventing the machine from spinning properly. Once they become worn, the brushes won’t perform as well. This problem is easily fixable – replace the carbon brushes with quality parts.

Machine Won’t Drain

Clothes may not come out clean if the machine doesn’t drain. Most machines will have an emergency drain down facility built-in, so you can easily drain the water without causing a health and safety hazard. Should you be unable to do this, contact a professional who will be able to carry out something called gravity draining. This process involves dropping the drain hose into a bowl or basin, where water will collect. If the machine still doesn’t work, check if a fault code has been reported. If it has, you can refer to manufacturer instructions for troubleshooting tips.

Machine Drum Won’t Turn and Makes Noises

There are a number of reasons why the drum on washing machines in Evesham might not turn. Most commonly, the belt, brushes or motor may need fixing or replacing. A little bit of investigating could save you a lot of money on repairs. If the machine continues to make loud noises, check to see if anything is stuck in the drum, such as socks, bra wires or underwear. This may stop the drum from moving properly and will cause a rumbling sound. Once removed, the machine should work as normal without any noise.

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