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The Mercedes E Class, the perfect vehicle for an up and coming executive

The Mercedes E Class, the perfect vehicle for an up and coming executive

By on Dec 11, 2015 in Automotive Services |

When the chairman of the board of an overseas company arrives at Heathrow or Gatwick airport in London he will expect to be met by a chauffeured Mercedes S500, no different than what he drives at home. The people who arrange Mercedes car hire in London are aware of the differences between a high level executive and a young up and coming executive, one who someday may be sitting in the corner office. For this rising star within the corporation an E Class Mercedes is ideal, this car is generously equipped with standard features, has a spacious and comfortable interior and sends out a message that your company respects it clients and young executives.

Like all Mercedes automobiles, the E Class exudes a quiet sophistication and yet, it is surprisingly quick and agile. When it is necessary to navigate the streets of London with its sop and go traffic it is comforting to know that the four cylinder diesel engine coupled to a 7 speed automatic gear box provides the perfect mix of torque and top end speed.

Although the E Class Mercedes appears small on the outside, it is big on the inside. If you are called upon to treat your business associates for lunch you will not have to be embarrassed by asking them to sit in a cramped back seat, the rear seat provides impressive amounts of leg room, head room and shoulder room making the car the perfect four passenger vehicle. The ride is extremely comfortable, soft enough suit the most demanding person, and yet the ride is firm enough to make driving the car fun.

When you opt for Mercedes car hire in London you might get the golden opportunity to get out of the city on the weekend. If you have worked all week you owe it to yourself to take a break and enjoy the English countryside. You will find the cars handling to be a breeze, allowing you to enjoy roads less travelled with no fear of losing control.

Not only is there no fear of losing control of the car, there is also no fear of losing yourself. The car is equipped with satellite navigation, tell the car where you want to go and it will tell you how to get there, every step of the way. And while you are enjoying the best England has to offer you can plug your own music player into the convenient USB port or listen to music on the digital radio.

When you arrange a Mercedes car hire in London you have choices, from the entry level C200 to the mid level E2450 to the most prestigious of all, the S500.

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