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The regulations around hiring a skip

The regulations around hiring a skip

By on Jun 3, 2016 in Construction and Maintenance |

Whether it’s a new build or a renovation that you’re embarking on, you will be creating debris and waste that needs to be disposed of legally. Hiring a skip is quick and easy as most companies are able to deliver virtually immediately. You would need to give an idea of the size of the job you were undertaking if you weren’t sure what skip you should hire.

Different skip sizes are based either on their length or on the cubic yards that they contain. It’s important not to underestimate the size you’ll need, as it will cost you more to have to hire yet another skip if the first one isn’t large enough. Some people try to get away with a smaller skip and, when they realize how much debris they have, they pile it up high. When this happens, you will find that the hiring company will not be able to remove the skip safely and will insist that the excess debris is removed. Most skips have a marked level beyond which they can’t be filled for safety purposes. If this isn’t on the skip you hire, make certain that you ask so that you aren’t taken by surprise. A good rule of thumb is that the level of waste should always be well below the lip of the skip.

What can be put into a skip?

Once again, there are regulations in place governing the waste that can be disposed of. If you are not certain, you should again check with the hiring company. Some companies that arrange skip hire in Abingdon will also be involved in recycling. What will happen in this instance is that your waste will be carefully sorted once the skip is collected, and only the minimum of waste will find its way into a landfill. For those who are concerned about the environment, this would definitely be something to consider.

Any hazardous substance cannot be put into a skip. You can’t dispose of your old TV or put oil products or solvents into a skip. The same would obviously apply to gas cylinders or any explosives. Probably everyone knows that a substance like asbestos has to be handled by experts, so you would never dispose of this substance in a skip. Should you come across it during a renovation and think that you could bury it under other debris you’d be putting yourself and others at risk.

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