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There is far too much waste

There is far too much waste

By on Oct 27, 2015 in Waste Management |

One of the underlying reasons to consider waste recycling in Devon is simply, there is too much waste being sent to ever decreasing numbers of landfill sites. Even though the amount of waste going to landfills is coming down, there is still far too much of it. Even though landfills that are being constructed today have thick liners which are designed to stop leachate from entering and polluting the soil, they are still landfills and they occupy land that can be put to better use.

Depletion of natural resources:

Producing products from virgin material will eventually cause a depletion of the world’s supply of that particular resource. To make paper you must have trees, plenty of them. You can new paper from old paper, saving thousands of trees. You can make plastic bottles from oil or you can make them from recycled plastic bottles. Employing effective waste recycling in Devon simply makes sense.

Reduction in energy consumption:

In the majority of cases it takes less energy to produce the same volume from scrap as it does to produce it from virgin material. It takes far less energy to produce a tonne of steel from scrap that it does to produce the same amount in a blast furnace. A perfect example of effective waste recycling is aluminium, using the same amount of energy 20 new cans can be produced from scrap aluminium vs, virgin material which results in only one can.


Many communities charge landfill disposal rates based on volume, reducing the volume can save the community money as well as the homeowner. Without recycling programs companies that rely on waste recycling for their raw material simply could not exist. The truth is, waste recycling in Devon produces triples the revenue vs. depositing the waste in a landfill and it generates about five times the number of much needed jobs.

There is no doubt that waste recycling is becoming a real thing, more and more people are conscientiously practicing recycling as a new way of life. The truth is, waste recycling is not a new thing, during the war rubber, steel, nylon, etc went toward the war effort, as a result things had to be recycled. Once the war was over goods and material once again became plentiful, conservative life styles were left behind in favour of a disposal society and the trouble began; the troubles that we all must deal with today.

Waste recycling in Devon is extremely important, without it we stand to waste untold amounts of valuable raw materials, energy and other resources. EMS Waste Services are aware of this and operate a waste recovery station where waste is separated into recyclables for further use. Click here for more information.

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