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Tips for Haggling with Glaziers for Affordable Double Glazing in Guildford

Tips for Haggling with Glaziers for Affordable Double Glazing in Guildford

By on Jun 12, 2015 in Business And Industrial |

The popularity of double glazing has grown immensely over the last few years, with a large portion of home and business owners now spending their money on double glazing in Guildford as a property improvement necessity. You get what you pay for when it comes to glazing, which could save you energy and money in the long-run. Otherwise known as secondary glazing, the price varies based on the property size, number of windows being treated, etc. If you would like to increase the resale value of the home without paying a large initial investment, learn how to haggle with the following tips.

Avoiding Sales Tactics

All companies that specialise in double glazing in Guildford will be in competition with each other. As a way of luring in the customers, they will try out a number of sales tactics on each customer. Unless you are aware of the most common sales tactics, you might be roped into spending money on what you think is a good deal initially but in fact, is a rip off! Some shockingly common sales tactics to avoid include selling features rather than results and leaving the customer deal with the next step. Run a mile if the glazier answers objections that have not yet surfaced, as this indicates worry on the salesperson’s behalf.

Researching the Company

The more you know about a company, the easier it will be to haggle with glaziers for double glazing in Guildford. Using the Internet is a good place to start, because in just a matter of seconds Google can generate results based on the keywords you provide. Avoid working with glaziers who don’t offer a glimpse at previous work, and only choose companies that are well-established in the area and have a good track history.

Recent Installation Examples

Although photographs and customer reviews will tell you a lot about a company, you shouldn’t just depend on these when deciding who to work with for double glazing in Guildford. The best way to find out just how good glaziers are at their job is to view recent installation examples. Ask the glaziers who their previous customers were and take it upon yourself to visit the property where work was completed. Perfection is everything, so don’t work with a company that has done a slapdash job.

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