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Tips to Unblock a Drain

Tips to Unblock a Drain

By on Aug 13, 2015 in Plumber |

If the water in your toilet, sin, or bath is not draining properly, chances are you have a blocked drain. If your toilet becomes completely blocked, you will need to take some steps to remove the blockage and ensure it does not return. This can be challenging; however, with a few helpful tips you can ensure issues like this are taken care of for good.

Unblocking a Drain

While it may seem obvious, you should not put more water in the drain in an attempt to clear the blockage. This will only make the problem worse and much more difficult to take care of. When it comes to Blocked Drains in Swindon take some time to ensure you get rid of the issue properly. You can visit here to get more details.

Safety First

Prior to tackling a blockage, you should be sure to stay safe by putting on protective clothing such as overalls, goggles and gloves. Be sure that you wash this clothing after you have finished removing the issue.

The Drain Unblocking Process

Prior to getting started, be sure that you have the right drain rods. These can be purchased at almost any home improvement store. Once you have your safety clothing and equipment in place, do the following:

* Remove the cover: Lift the cover off of the drain. If it is rusted shut, you will need to use a screwdriver to remove the rust and the pry the cover up.

* Remove the obstruction: Use one of the rods with a plumber attachment to help and dislodge the blockage. This may take several minutes.

* Flush the pipe: After the blockage is dislodged, flush the drain and pipe with water to remove any left-over debris.

The fact is, drains can easily become clogged, it is your responsibility to ensure it is removed. In some cases, this will require professional drain services. There are a number of plumbers who offer these services and who can quickly, safely and effectively remove any clogs or blockages that may be present.

Keep in mind, it is not a good idea to poor chemicals down a blocked drain, since this can cause serious damage to the pipes and other elements of the plumbing system. When professional services are used for these issues, you can feel confident that the issue will be removed and that the plumber will take steps to ensure that the blockage does not occur again.

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