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So, you’ve decided that you want to protect your investment and lower the chances of damp problems – great! Damp proofing in Brighton offers an effective way of preventing those dreaded pest infestations  and could even help preserve plastering, wallpaper and paint. Not only this, but you can put an end to tide marks and prohibit family health problems when you hire a professional for these services. If price is a major concern of yours, learn how to get the best deal by understanding what factors have an impact on the cost of damp proofing services.

The Property Size

Remember that the larger your property, the longer it will take for a professional to conduct damp proofing in Brighton. What’s more, big properties will likely be dealt with by more workers and there will be a greater deal of labour involved, which means that the price is sure to be higher than the cost of waterproofing a smaller house. The average cost for damp proofing a three-bedroom home in the UK is between £3,000 and £4,000. Although this might seem like a significant investment for some it will be entirely worth it, due to the fact that damp proofing prevents rising damp and improves overall home ventilation.

The Company You Collaborate with

Shop around to get the best deal for damp proofing in Brighton, because you will be surprised at the low prices on offer! The supplier should include labour and materials in the cost of a job when providing you with a quote. The team of workers should also be willing to visit your property ahead of damp proofing being completed, so that an inspection can take place. During this time, the experts will look for signs of rising damp, such as:

1. Stained walls
2. Discoloured exterior brickwork
3. Rotting timber

The Location

Although some specialists at damp proofing in Brighton will operate around the United Kingdom, others might only operate in certain areas. Take the time to find a company that can provide high-quality work for a fixed rate, no matter what the location. It is possible to find a company that prices their services equally for customers in various areas, but bear in mind that a handful of companies will hike up their prices for customers in hard-to-reach locations.

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