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A reliable boiler is most necessary especially in the winter season. Boiler repairs in Exeter can be avoided! You can avoid the situation way ahead of time by looking out for the following signs.

* Reduced hot water – If you are getting less hot water, it may be a sign that you need boiler repairs in Exeter. This may be as a result of a faulty diverter drive and you should have it checked before a complete breakdown.

* Emission of unusual noises – This is often caused by a blocked heat exchanger or a pump not running correctly. You should notify your plumber once you detect noises coming from your boiler for repair.

* Carbon monoxide detector switching off – If the carbon monoxide detector is switching off while the boiler is operating, it may mean the boiler has a potentially dangerous problem and should be immediately fixed or even replaced.

* Strange smells – If your boiler is emitting strange smells, it may be time for you to call your maintenance man as it may be an indicator that it is not burning as it is supposed to.

* Water leakage – If you detect water leaking in your boiler, it is a good indicator to have it repaired as a continued leak may lead to your boiler bursting.

* Pilot light malfunction – If the pilot light has gone off despite following the manufacturer’s directions, it may be time for a repair by a professional to check for further damage.

* Increased fuel bills – While these may be as a result of other factors, it is also very likely that it is a result of an inefficient boiler which may need to be repaired, or at worst replaced.

If you suspect that your boiler has a problem, have Contrast Plumbing & Heating check it out!

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