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What Does A Facilities Management Company In Cheltenham Do For You?

What Does A Facilities Management Company In Cheltenham Do For You?

By on Aug 31, 2015 in Electrical Engineer |

When most businesses decide to outsource their facilities management in Cheltenham, they often wonder what that company will do for them and what is included. Almost anything can be included, depending on your business’s needs and what you want them to handle, versus what you want to do on your own. Therefore, it is nice to know what is available before making a decision to hire someone.


Most people feel very uncomfortable handling electrical situations because the risk of damage to property and person can be high. Therefore, you may want the company to handle all of your electrical needs, which can include floodlights, regular lighting, cable management, planned maintenance and power quality. Cable management is typically necessary for a business because cables and wires need to be out of the way of the public and employees, so there is less risk of damage and repair. Planned maintenance is nice to have because your electrical systems and equipment will need to be maintained properly, so they work for a longer period and are safe. Keeping track of your power usage will ensure that you are using what the energy company claims and ensures that you are using power efficiently.

Air Conditioning

Productive workforces are necessary to get the job done and keep you running smoothly, which means you need to keep them happy and comfortable. It is extremely difficult to work when it is hot, which means your employees may be taking more frequent breaks to drink cool water or to rest. Therefore, having a company to help with air conditioning maintenance and repair, or installation, can ensure productivity whilst saving money.

Building Maintenance

It is necessary, as a business, to ensure that your premises are in good condition at all times. This includes property and grounds maintenance. A facilities management company in Cheltenham can help you maintain electrical and mechanical systems and equipment. They can also help with gutter cleaning, painting, landscaping and other grounds maintenance to ensure that your property looks clean and inviting. You can visit here to get more information.


Every business needs to have security measures in place to prevent theft and other damage. Emergency lighting can also be helpful, in case of a power outage so that you can continue to work until the power comes on. Security options may include a CCTV camera being installed and other options.

If you are looking for facilities management in Cheltenham, you understand the difficulties of owning a business.

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