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What is Aluminium Fabrication?

What is Aluminium Fabrication?

By on Sep 7, 2015 in Business |

Aluminium fabrication is a process in which aluminium can be cut, assembled, or bent to create a number of different products. There are a variety of different types of metal that are used all over the world. Manufacturing plants and factories tend to specialize in a number of different types of metal fabrication. However, the aluminium fabrication process is much different from the standard processes of other metal types.

Unlike most metals, aluminium can be extruded during the fabrication of aluminium which consists of pushing and drawing the aluminium through a specific die that turns it into a shaped product. The extrusion process can be done through a cold process or a hot process in which the metal can be more malleable.

Extrusion is the best method when it comes to the process of fabrication because it does not put a lot of stress on the metal throughout the process of fabrication. There are other ways in which aluminium can be fabricated but they are not the best ways because they do tend to put a lot more stress on the metal which causes it to be a much more brittle product.

When the raw materials are created into different parts, the aluminium fabrication can continue on with grinding, cutting, shaping, or drilling. The aluminium fabrication process can create some useful products such as automobile parts, window frames, bicycle parts, and building materials. The good thing about aluminium is that it has the ability to be cut in various shapes as it is very versatile when it comes to construction purposes.

There are some other pros to using aluminium fabrication. It is extremely lightweight which makes it the optimum choice when it comes to making vehicles. Aluminium is commonly used on high-performance vehicles to save weight. However, it is not very durable and have the potential to cause problems when it gets really hot and melds together with the steel.

When it comes to aluminium fabrication recycling is a crucial part of the process. The aluminium is recyclable and has the ability to reprocessed and melted down to use on other products. It is a great choice if you are creating something that needs to be lightweight. It can be produced into a number of other raw materials. It is extremely versatile and has the ability to be used to create a variety of different products.

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