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Double glazing is a window manufacturing process which includes two panes of glass separated by a space; the space is usually between 16 and 19mm. This space between the panes is full of air or an inert gas, this forms an insulation layer. A drying agent is used before the unit is sealed to ensure that there is no moisture in the space. Double glazed windows must be airtight; if they are not then condensation will form between the panes. This condensation is an indication that there is a leak, if this is the case the unit must be replaced as this condition cannot be repaired.

The windows in a house are the biggest single source of heat loss and when single pane windows are installed about 60 percent of the total heat loss is through the windows. Double glazed windows with their layer of insulation have a significant positive effect on the heat loss, so much so that when a house is fitted with double glazing in Edinburgh the homeowner can often pay for the windows quite quickly with the money saved from the heating bills. With double glazing the normal reduction is the cost of heating is between 10 and 12 percent. As well as having a significant impact on the heating bill they also are quite effective at deadening outside noise, the home is quieter.

As double glazing in Edinburgh has two panes of glass it also makes the home more secure. Most break-ins take place through a window, when a home is fitted with double glazed windows it makes breaking through twice as difficult.

When a home is built with double glazed windows or refitted the value of the home normally goes up and they certainly enhance the appearance. The frame material and styles are varied; the common materials used for the frames are wood, aluminium and UPVC. As UPVC has far better insulating properties than aluminium it is often the choice but wood, although not quite as good an insulator is often used for replacement windows, especially on period properties.
If a home is currently fitted with single glazed windows and they are in good condition it is possible to fit a second window pane internally which provides a similar effect to sealed units. This is a less expensive option than a complete fitted unit but it does have the disadvantage of making the window inoperable for opening and closing.

The Window Advice Centre provides a service at no cost to the consumer which helps to ensure you get the best value when you go for double glazing in Edinburgh. As the centre is funded by the double glazing industry you can be assured of unbiased advice and assistance.

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